Which Pool Filter is the Most Efficient Type?

Often called DE, diatomaceous earth is comprised of the skeletons of microscopic marine creatures. This type of filter is the most complex, but also the most effective. Because they can remove such small particles, they say that DE filters “polish water as it passes through the medium”. DE filters are the most efficient type of pool filter when it comes to filtering small particles.

They typically have a filtration rate of around 2 to 5 microns, which means they can remove the smallest particles from all three types of filters. DE filters are also efficient at maintaining a constant flow rate, which can lead to more efficient filtration overall. The second type of pool filter is the cartridge filter. Cartridge filters take advantage of pleated cartridges by maximizing filter square footage.

The larger the surface area, the more dirt particles you can filter. Cartridge filters can capture debris up to 10 to 15 microns. In terms of efficiency, cartridge filters are located in the middle. However, they are the easiest to maintain. Other variables that shorten the life of the motor are faulty circuits and pump lines.

The motor requires a stable voltage supply within 10 percent of its voltage setting. A voltage source outside that range can degrade motor components, such as its capacitor. If your motor explodes or causes capacitors to fail repeatedly, an erratic voltage supply may be the cause. A motor configured to accept 120 V has an acceptable range of 108 V to 132 V. Use a multimeter to test the voltage supply to your motor.

Which filter would need less cleaning: the Pentair Quad DE 100 or the 530-square-foot Pentair Clean & Clear? You should check the sand requirements of your specific filter on the tank sticker or in the manual. Next, check the packaging of the alternative product to sand for the correct dose corresponding to the sand requirements of the filter model. If the ZeoSand indicates that the correct dose is 50% of the sand requirement indicated on the filter; a filter that requires 100 pounds of sand, then you will need two 25-pound bags of ZeoSand. We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. A pool filter is absolutely vital to the operation of any pool. It is responsible for eliminating contaminants from pool water, ensuring that the pool not only remains crystal clear, but that it is also free of bacteria and other contaminants that pose health risks. Pool filters use a variety of media to filter water, such as sand, paper cartridges, and diatomaceous earth.

They come in various sizes to meet the needs of both large and small in-ground and in-ground pools. With so many shapes, sizes, and brands to choose from, selecting the right pool model can quickly become an overwhelming process. To facilitate maintenance, we choose models with designs that allow the user to carry out maintenance quickly. For cartridge filters, we chose models with quick-release accessories that allow the user to access the cartridge without having to first remove a large amount of hardware.

Filters: we select models with multi-port valves that allow the user to easily switch the filter to different operating modes for backflow and winter preparation. The following list narrows down some of the best pool filters on the market. It includes all types of filters, as well as surface and underground models, with flow rates for large and small pools.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Pool Filters

are more expensive and require more maintenance than other types of filters, but they do an excellent job when it comes to cleaning contaminants from a pool.

One example is Hayward's DE6020 ProGrid Pool Filter which has a wide flow rate of 120 gallons per minute and is made from a durable glass-reinforced copolymer material ensuring it will withstand harsh elements.

Sand Filters

, such as XtremepowerUS's 40 GPM Sand Filter are affordable and versatile enough for both in-ground and elevated pools with a flow rate of 40 gallons per minute servicing up to 24000 gallon pools. The multiport controls located on top make it easy for users to switch between rinsing, filtration, backwashing and winter preparation.

Cartridge Filters

, like Pentair's 150 GPM Cartridge Filter are great for larger pools with a flow rate of 150 gallons per minute servicing up to 30000 gallon pools or more.

The quick release valve makes it easy for users to purge air from pump and improve flow while its large pressure gauge makes it easy for users to know when it's time for flushing against current.

Sand Filters

, like Hayward's ProSeries Pool Sand Filter are built like tanks with its sturdy polymer construction making them one of best built sand filters on market today. The six position multiport valve at top makes it easy for users to set up filter for backwashing, rinsing and winter conditioning while its upper diffuser ensures even distribution throughout. With prices running into thousands dollars replacing a pool filter can quickly become major investment so choosing right one is important.

With so many options available on market today it can be difficult task but understanding what each type offers can help make decision easier.

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